Zadar Sights Beaches Day Trips

Experience Zadar, the fascinating city on the Croatian Adriatic coast. Immerse yourself in the history of the Old Town with its ancient ruins and medieval churches, stroll along the waterfront and enjoy breathtaking sunsets. Zadar offers not only historical sights, but also modern art, vibrant city life and beautiful beaches. The historic city of Zadar is the gateway to the Dalmatian region and has a population of just under 80,000. The city offers a perfect mix of sightseeing, culture, beaches and leisure. Use our travel guide to plan your perfect vacation in Zadar.

The 5 best Zadar sights

The heart and absolute highlight of the city is the vibrant Old Town, which extends along a peninsula separated from the New Town. A stroll through the old town is like a fascinating journey through 3000 years of history. From Roman ruins, medieval city walls and city gates to modern attractions on the northern tip of the peninsula, such as the Sun Salutation Square and the Sea Organ, you can experience it all during your open-air museum visit. Let’s take a closer look at the top five attractions.

The Cathedral of St. Anastasia: This impressive Romanesque cathedral is one of Zadar’s most famous landmarks. Its imposing bell tower offers not only a magnificent view of the city, but also the opportunity to explore the history and architecture of the cathedral.

Sea Organ (Morske orgulje): Built in 2005 according to the design of architect Nikola Basic and awarded a prize in 2006, the Sea Organ is 60 meters long with steps leading down to the sea. 35 pipes laid perpendicular to the shore with so-called labia (pipes) at the end react to the pressure of the waves and create an air pressure that makes the natural orchestra sound in seven chords and five tones.

Greeting to the Sun: If you visit Zadar in the evening, you should not miss the “Greeting to the Sun” square. The 22 meter high main glass pane, which consists of 300 multi-layered glass panels, lights up in different colors at night and offers one of the most beautiful and romantic scenes in the city at sunset.

Forum in Zadar: The Forum in Zadar, in front of the Church of St. Donatus and the Archbishop’s Palace, is the former main square of the city, built during the Roman era between 100 BC and 300 AD. Of the ancient temples of Jupiter, Juno and Minerva, only the so-called Pillar of Shame remains on the southwestern side of the forum.

Zadar Archaeological Museum: If you are interested in the history and life in Croatia, you should definitely visit this museum. There are thousands of artifacts that tell the story of the country and the city. Ancient Roman statues stand next to long-forgotten ruins of buildings from ancient times.

5 breathtaking Zadar beaches

The excellent beaches and charming coves offer ideal conditions for beach vacationers. There is a wide range of activities, restaurants and bars around the beaches, so you won’t get bored or hungry on a day at the beach. We would like to introduce you to five of the best beaches.

Kolovare Beach: This is the most famous beach in Zadar and is located near the old town. Kolovare Beach is a large pebble beach with many facilities such as cafes, restaurants, playgrounds and water sports. Its proximity to the city makes it easy to reach and very popular.

Borik Beach: Borik beach is another popular beach in Zadar and is located about 3 km northwest of the old town. It is known for its shallow pebble beach and clear water. It also offers many leisure activities and a relaxed atmosphere.

Podbrig Beach: A small beach area in the south of the city, surrounded by steep cliffs and walls. This gives the beach a certain intimacy and isolation. The pine trees at the top of the cliffs offer plenty of shade and a wonderful view.

Kozino Beach: Further north is the small region of Kozino, which also has a fantastic beach. The beach is relatively rocky, but offers a wonderful view of the surrounding turquoise sea.

Diklo Beach: Not far from Kozino is Diklo beach, which is perfect for relaxing. There is a lot to see here and it is also close to narrow alleys, small cafes and cozy restaurants.

5 special Zadar day trips

The coastline of Zadar is breathtaking. The city stretches along a picturesque coastline with views of offshore islands that invite exploration. The proximity to national parks and other exciting attractions make the city very popular with tourists. We will introduce you to some of them.

Krka National Park: Krka National Park is about an hour’s drive from Zadar and offers breathtaking waterfalls, hiking trails and beautiful natural scenery. The park is famous for its waterfalls, including the spectacular Skradinski Buk, where you can swim. It’s a great place to explore nature and refresh yourself.

Island of Pag: The island of Pag is located near Zadar and can be reached by bridge. It is known for its barren, lunar landscape and the famous Pag cheese. You can explore the island’s picturesque villages and taste local specialties.

Nin: The historic town of Nin, about 15 km from Zadar, is famous for its well-preserved old town, considered the smallest cathedral in the world, and for its healing mud baths. You can stroll through the narrow streets of the town and enjoy the nearby beaches.

Plitvice Lakes National Park: A little further away from Zadar, about 2.5 hours by car, but definitely worth a visit. Plitvice Lakes National Park is famous for its turquoise lakes and waterfalls, which can be explored on beautiful wooden walkways. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a natural wonder not to be missed.

 The Velebit Mountains: The Velebit Mountains stretch along the Adriatic coast and offer great hiking opportunities and impressive scenery. Paklenica National Park is part of the Velebit Mountains and is a popular hiking and climbing area.