Vodice Sights Beaches Day Trips

Welcome to sunny Vodice, a delightful coastal town on the Croatian Adriatic. Immerse yourself in the laid-back ambiance, meander along the waterfront promenade, and soak up the Mediterranean vibe. Vodice offers not just breathtaking beaches, but also a plethora of restaurants, bars, and activities.

Vodice Kroatien Dalmatien

The 5 best Vodice sights

Vodice may be a small town, but it still has some charming sights to offer. The sights of Vodice are a mixture of cultural, historical and natural attractions that allow visitors to experience the diversity of this Croatian coastal town. Let us introduce you to the best of them.

Church of the Holy Cross (Crkva svetog Križa): This baroque church from the 18th century is an important religious building in Vodice. The church is not only architecturally interesting, but also a place of peace and contemplation. However, you don’t have to be religious to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Rakitnica Fortress (Tvrdava Rakitnica): The Rakitnica Fortress, a historic sight perched on a hill, is located near Vodice. From here you have an impressive view of the surrounding area, including the coast and the hinterland.

Coric Tower: At the heart of the old town, a few steps away from the parish church of St. Kriz, stands the Coric Tower, a remnant of the old fortress. It was built on the initiative of the Saracenis family. The coat of arms with the initials H.S. on the eastern side of the tower indicates that it could be that of Hieronymus Saracenis. In the 19th century, the tower became the property of the noble Fondra family from Sibenik, who rebuilt it into a residential building.

Vodice Aquarium and Marine Museum: This museum offers a fascinating insight into the underwater world of the Adriatic. It houses a variety of marine animals and plants found in the region and is especially interesting for families and nature lovers.

Hiking trail to Svetište Gospe od Karmela: Behind Vodice rises Mount Okit, to the top of which a hiking trail leads. On the top of Okit stands the church of Our Lady Karmina, built in the 17th century and destroyed several times over the centuries. The current design of the church was created by the famous architect Nikola Basic, who also designed the Sea Organ and the “Greeting to the Sun” square in Zadar.

5 breathtaking Vodice beaches

Vodice has several beautiful beaches along the coast that offer visitors a relaxed atmosphere and clear waters. The beaches of Vodice offer different atmospheres, from lively activities to quieter retreats that allow visitors to enjoy the beauty of the Adriatic coast.

Hangar Beach: This beach is known for its relaxed atmosphere and crystal clear waters. It offers various water sports facilities and is popular with locals and tourists alike.

The Blue Beach: The Blue Beach is characterized by fine pebbles and deep blue water. The area is well maintained and there are restaurants and bars nearby for refreshment.

Srima Beach: The beach in the small town of Srima is another popular beach near Vodice. It is well equipped and offers many recreational activities. The shallow water makes it suitable for families with children.

Lovetovo Beach: A quiet, beautiful and clean beach that you should not miss when visiting the Vodice area. A perfect beach for swimmers and families with children.

 Zamalin Beach: Further west along the coast you will soon come across this great beach. It is built in steps, so there is plenty of space for bathers in the area. What’s more, the view of the nearby hill with its Mediterranean villas is hard to beat.

5 special Vodice day trips

There is no better place in Croatia for day trips and other activities. From Vodice you can experience some of Croatia’s most beautiful sights up close. Of course, we wouldn’t want to deprive you of some of the most beautiful ones.

Krka Waterfalls: Krka National Park is just a short drive from Vodice. It offers breathtaking waterfalls, hiking trails and impressive flora and fauna. The park also offers boat trips on the Krka River to the waterfalls. An absolute must for all nature lovers and probably the most beautiful park in Croatia.

Šibenik: Šibenik is about 15 kilometers from Vodice and offers a fascinating old town with narrow streets, historic buildings and the impressive Cathedral of St. Nicholas. The cathedral is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. History buffs will love it here.

The islands of the Šibenik archipelago: Vodice is located near the Šibenik archipelago, a group of islands ideal for boat trips. Visit the islands of Prvić, Zlarin or Krapanj to experience the peaceful atmosphere and local traditions.

 Kornati National Park: A boat trip to the Kornati Islands, a group of islands in the Adriatic Sea, is an unforgettable experience. The Kornati islands are known for their unique landscape of limestone cliffs, caves and crystal clear waters.

Trogir: Trogir, about an hour’s drive from Vodice, is another pearl of the Dalmatian coast and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The well-preserved old town, surrounded by medieval walls, is rich in history and architecture.

Experience the beautiful sunny coastal town of Vodice on the Croatian Adriatic. It offers not only fantastic beaches, but also a wide range of architecturally impressive buildings and great hiking trails through the region. The town’s location is also perfect for day trips to other exciting activities that you should definitely check out.

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