Rovinj Sights Beaches Day Trips

Rovinj, an enchanting town on the western coast of the Croatian peninsula of Istria, captivates visitors with its timeless charm and picturesque beauty. The Old Town is situated on a small peninsula, with narrow cobbled streets winding between pastel-colored buildings. Here, history is reflected in the historic buildings, from Venetian architecture to medieval elements. You can plan your visit in detail with our guide.

Rovinj Kroatien Küstenstadt in Istrien

The 5 best Rovinj sights

Rovinj is a beautiful town with great sights. The picturesque fishing port of Rovinj is a lively center where colorful boats gently bob on the clear water. The promenade, lined with small cafes and restaurants offering local specialties, invites you to take a relaxing stroll. Fragrant flowers on the windowsills add to the Mediterranean atmosphere.

Rovinj Old Town: The charming Old Town is a maze of cobblestone streets lined with pastel-colored houses, craft shops, boutiques and cozy restaurants. The flair of the Old Town is unique and invites you to take a relaxing stroll.


Church of St. Euphemia: The imposing bell tower of this baroque church dominates Rovinj’s skyline. Euphemia also houses an impressive collection of art and offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the town and the sea.


Rovinj Market Square: The Rovinj market is a lively place that reflects the local atmosphere. Here visitors can discover fresh produce, regional delicacies and handmade souvenirs. The market is also an ideal place to immerse yourself in the everyday life of the town.


Monkodonja: About 6 kilometers from Rovinj is Monkodonja, a prehistoric settlement that offers a glimpse of life in the Bronze Age. The well-preserved archaeological site allows visitors to immerse themselves in the history of the region and explore the remains of walls, towers and roads.


Islands off the coast: There are a handful of small islands off Rovinj that you must visit. They are isolated from the mainland and offer a glimpse of ancient ruins surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean nature. If you like diving and exploring the underwater world, you’ve come to the right place.

5 breathtaking Rovinj beaches

Rovinj, located on the picturesque coast of Istria, has several beautiful beaches that attract both nature lovers and sun worshippers. Each of these beaches contributes to the diversity and beauty of Rovinj and offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the natural splendor of the Croatian coast.

Mulini Beach: Fine pebble beach with crystal clear water. Surrounded by fragrant pine forests, Monte Mulini offers a relaxed atmosphere and is ideal for swimming and sunbathing.


Zlatni Rt Beach: Located in the Golden Cape Nature Park, this beach is surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation. With rocky coves and pebble beaches, it is ideal for nature lovers and also offers opportunities for water sports.


Baluota Beach: Baluota, also known as the Bay of Solitude, is characterized by its crystal clear waters and pleasant pebble beach. The surroundings are lined with rocky cliffs and Mediterranean vegetation, giving the beach an idyllic atmosphere.


Lone Bay: This stretch of coastline with rocky coves and pebble beaches offers not only a beautiful place to sunbathe, but also a breathtaking view of the old town. The clear waters are ideal for swimming and snorkeling.


Valdaliso Beach: Located away from the tourist centers, Valdaliso offers a quiet environment with rocky sections and small coves. The clear water makes this beach ideal for snorkeling and relaxing.

5 special Rovinj day trips

Located on the west coast of Istria, Rovinj is a wonderful excursion destination and the perfect starting point for other stops in the northern region of Croatia. These excursion tips will allow you to explore the diversity of the Istrian region and discover both cultural and natural treasures. We would like to share some of the best stops with you so that you can really enjoy your time in Istria.

Limski Channel: The Limski Channel, also known as the Limfjord, is a breathtaking bay that stretches about 12 kilometers south of Rovinj. This picturesque area is surrounded by steep hills and offers not only spectacular views, but also opportunities for boat trips, seafood restaurants and nature walks.


Brijuni National Park: The Brijuni Islands, just a short boat ride from Rovinj, are a national park rich in history and nature. The archipelago offers archaeological sites, a safari park, lush vegetation and beaches. A day trip to Brijuni is a fascinating natural and cultural experience.


Pula: Located about an hour from Rovinj, this historic city is known for its impressive Roman amphitheater, the Pula Arena. In addition to the amphitheater, Pula offers other historical sights, charming streets and squares, and cozy cafes.


Motovun: This fortified mountain village is located about an hour’s drive from Rovinj on a hill surrounded by vineyards. Motovun is known for its medieval architecture, truffle products and annual film festival. A stroll through the narrow streets offers fantastic views of the surrounding countryside.


Roman ruins of Dvigrad: About 20 kilometers from Rovinj are the impressive Roman ruins of Dvigrad. This abandoned city offers a glimpse into the past with well-preserved remains of churches, towers and city walls. The surrounding area is also ideal for hiking and nature watching.

Rovinj fascinates not only with its historical splendor and beautiful nature, but also with its vibrant cultural heritage, reflected in art galleries, craft shops and local events. In this harmonious interplay of history, nature and joie de vivre, Rovinj unfolds its unique magic and remains unforgettable in the hearts of its visitors. For all visitors to Istria, the town is definitely worth a visit.

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