Pula Sights Beaches Day Trips

Welcome to Pula, the city where the ancient and the modern meet. Discover the well-preserved Roman heritage, stroll through lively squares and relax on the coastal promenades. Pula offers not only historical sights such as the amphitheater, but also a lively atmosphere, culinary delights and beautiful beaches. Plan your vacation in Pula and discover the diversity of this enchanting city.

Pula Kroatien Luftaufnahme mit Amphitheater

The 5 best Pula sights

Over the centuries, the city of Pula has developed into an important commercial, port and cultural center. Its historical heritage is reflected in the impressive architecture and ancient ruins scattered throughout the city. That’s why the city is so popular with tourists, and we would like to introduce you to the best attractions in Pula.

Amphitheater (Pula Arena): This Roman amphitheater is undoubtedly the most famous attraction in Pula and a remarkable architectural masterpiece. Pula Arena was built in the 1st century AD and is one of the best preserved Roman amphitheaters in the world. Visitors can admire the impressive architecture and learn about the history of gladiatorial fights and other events.


The Forum: Pula’s Forum is a historic square surrounded by Roman ruins and well-preserved columns. Once the center of public life in the ancient city, it is now a picturesque place to stroll and admire the remains from Roman times. Pula has so many ancient buildings that you can’t get enough of them in the Old Town! These include the Temple of Augustus and the Gate of Hercules, both monumental buildings of their time.


Fort Bourguignon: This fort was built in the 19th century by the Austrians to defend the city. It offers not only historical insights, but also a magnificent view of the city of Pula and the sea. Today the fort is a popular venue for cultural events and concerts.


Šijana Forest: A wonderfully relaxing forest area where you can unwind. Perfect for active vacationers and nature lovers, it offers all kinds of small and large activities.


Brijuni National Park: The Brijuni Islands are a group of 14 islands off the coast of Pula, known for their natural beauty and historical value. Take a boat trip from Medulin to explore these islands and the Brijuni National Park. You can visit the islands, go on nature walks and visit archaeological sites, including the remains of a Roman villa and a safari park.

5 breathtaking Pula beaches

There are also numerous beaches and bays in Pula that are perfect for relaxing and swimming. The coastline is lined with crystal clear waters and green pine forests, making the area a paradise for nature lovers. We would like to introduce you to five of the best beaches.

Ambrela Beach: Ambrela beach is located at the beginning of the tourist zone of Verudela and is connected to Brijuni beach. Like Brijuni, Ambrela has been awarded the Blue Flag. It is a pebble beach with a gentle slope into the sea, which makes it particularly popular with families with children. In addition to the possibility of refreshment at the snack bar, the trees along the beach provide natural shade.


Verudela Beach: Located near the tourist area of Verudela, this beach is known for its crystal clear waters and water sports facilities. There are many beach bars and restaurants nearby, and the area offers beautiful hiking and biking trails.


Valsaline Beach: A beach in the south of Pula that is relatively quiet and idyllic. The beach is perfect for families with children and offers many other leisure activities. There is also a small bistro where you can grab a bite to eat.


Ciklonska Plaža Beach: This small beach is tucked away on the peninsula in front of the city of Pula, surrounded by steep cliffs and beautiful forests. Divers and snorkelers will also enjoy this beach, as there is a wonderful underwater world to be found here.


Dog Beach – Sakucani Bay: There are many beautiful beaches in the area around Pula for relaxing days by the sea. The city of Pula also offers some special dog beaches that are ideal for beach days with your four-legged friend. One of these beautiful dog beaches is located in Sakucani Bay (Uvala Saccorgiana) on the Verudela peninsula in the south of Pula.

5 special Pula day trips

Pula is located on the southern tip of Istria, one of the most beautiful regions in Croatia. Therefore, there is a lot to see and do around here, many things that you should not miss. You can easily get around by car or bike. On your excursions from Pula you should definitely try the local delicacies such as Istrian truffles, olive oil and wines.

Wine tasting: The region of Istria is especially famous for its wine, which you should taste during your visit. You will find small and large wineries everywhere and cycle through heavenly vineyards. Cycling is the best way to get to know the region.

Nesactium: An important Roman archaeological site west of Pula that will take you back in time. A must for history buffs who haven’t seen enough of Croatia’s Roman influence after visiting Pula.

Glavani Park: A large recreational and climbing park in Istria that is a must for families. There are many great opportunities to overcome your fear of heights and swing along the ropes. The park is suitable for all ages and offers a variety of activities.

 Učka Nature Park: One of the most beautiful nature parks in Croatia and well worth a day trip from Pula. There are endless breathtaking hills to admire, deep canyons to explore and ancient ruins to find. The park is also known for its many waterfalls, which are a must to photograph. So pack your hiking boots and head to Učka Nature Park.

 Kažun Park: An important open-air museum with information about the history of Croatia. The small stone huts with conical roofs are real masterpieces. The museum is free of charge.

Pula has become a popular tourist destination in recent years, not only because of its historical sights, but also because of its pleasant climate and hospitable people. Pula is a place where history, culture, nature and recreation blend together perfectly, offering its visitors a unique and fascinating experience.

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