Poreč Sights Beaches Day Trips

Immerse yourself in the Mediterranean beauty of Poreč, an enchanting town on the west coast of Istria. Experience the sights, the unique combination of ancient Roman ruins, medieval architecture and modern beach life. Poreč attracts visitors not only with its historical sights, but also with a wide range of leisure activities, from water sports on the beaches to lively festivals. Plan your vacation in Poreč now and experience unforgettable moments on the Adriatic.

Porec Kroatien schöne Luftaufnahme

The 5 best Poreč sights

Poreč is a picturesque town on the western coast of Istria in Croatia. The town is located directly on the Adriatic Sea and is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Istrian coast. Poreč has a long history dating back to Roman times and is known for its rich culture, breathtaking nature and charming old town. The city has a number of fascinating sights that we don’t want to keep from you.

The Euphrasian Basilica: This impressive Byzantine basilica from the 6th century is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is considered one of the most important historical buildings in Istria. It captivates visitors with its beautiful mosaics, impressive architecture and the magnificent view from the bell tower.


Old Town of Poreč: The picturesque Old Town of Poreč is a real gem. Stroll through the narrow, cobbled streets, past well-preserved medieval buildings, boutiques, cafes and restaurants. The main square, Marafor, is a historic center with Roman ruins.


Coastal Promenade: Poreč’s promenade offers breathtaking views of the turquoise sea. Here you can take a relaxing walk and enjoy the beauty of the Adriatic coast. There are also many bars and restaurants where you can taste local specialties.


The Baredine Cave: The fascinating Baredine Cave is just a short drive from Poreč. This subterranean world is home to impressive stalactite formations and a mysterious underground lake. A guided tour of the cave is an exciting experience.


Motodrom Poreč: If you are looking for action with your family, you should definitely visit the Motodrom north of the city. The go-kart track is a must for all racing fans and invites you to take a few laps around the track. There are also several other activities that you can experience first hand.

5 breathtaking Poreč beaches

The beaches in and around Poreč are varied and offer something for everyone. There are child-friendly beaches with shallow water, quiet bays for couples, water sports facilities and more. The clear, azure waters of the Adriatic are perfect for swimming, diving and snorkeling. We will introduce you to the best beaches so you can plan your visit.

Plava Laguna (Blue Lagoon) Beach: Plava Laguna is one of the most famous beaches on the island of Poreč. This stretch of beach offers crystal clear water and a variety of recreational activities. Here you can enjoy water sports such as snorkeling, water skiing and parasailing. There are also bars and restaurants right on the beach.


Zelena Laguna (Green Lagoon) Beach: This beach is located near Plava Laguna and is just as beautiful. Zelena Laguna beach is surrounded by lush vegetation and offers a relaxed atmosphere. Here you can refresh yourself in one of the beach cafes and enjoy the nature.


Bijela Uvala (White Bay) Beach: This beach is ideal for families. The shallow water is ideal for children. There are restaurants and ice cream parlors along the promenade. The sunset over Bijela Uvala is especially romantic.


Brulo Beach: Brulo beach stretches along a beautiful coastal promenade and is lined with shady pine trees. There is a restaurant and water sports facilities. This beach is ideal for a relaxing day by the sea.


Materada Beach: Another beautiful beach in Poreč is Materada. It is quieter and less crowded than some of the other beaches in the area. The clear, calm waters are ideal for swimming and snorkeling. There are also a few beach clubs nearby, which make for a more lively atmosphere.

5 special Poreč day trips

Thanks to its location on the west coast of Istria, Poreč is the perfect place to plan various day trips. From here you can visit an unbelievable number of exciting sights that you shouldn’t miss. Historic towns and unspoiled natural wonders await you.

Rovinj: This picturesque coastal town is only half an hour away from Poreč. Rovinj is known for its charming old town with narrow streets, colorful houses and an impressive church perched on a hill. Be sure to visit the picturesque harbor, take a walk along the coast, and enjoy the culinary delights of the local restaurants.


Pula: Pula, the largest city in Istria, is about an hour’s drive south of Poreč. Here you can visit the well-preserved Roman amphitheater, the Temple of Augustus and the Archaeological Museum. Pula also offers beautiful beaches and a lively atmosphere.


Motovun: Located about an hour northeast of Poreč, this picturesque mountain village is known for its medieval architecture and famous truffles. Stroll through the narrow streets, visit the city walls and enjoy local truffle dishes in the restaurants.


Brijuni National Park: The Brijuni Islands are a national park and can be reached by boat from Poreč. Here you can explore the impressive nature and the remains of Roman villas. The islands are also the former summer residence of Yugoslav President Tito and are home to interesting historical artifacts.


Limski Channel: This natural fjord is just a short drive from Poreč. The Limski Channel offers spectacular views and is an ideal place for a boat ride or lunch at one of the seafood restaurants along the shore.

Poreč is a charming town with a rich history, stunning natural beauty and a wealth of activities and sights for visitors of all ages. Whether you want to explore the historic old town, relax on the beaches or enjoy the delicious Croatian cuisine, Poreč has something for everyone and is an unforgettable destination on the Adriatic coast.

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