Rovinj – an enticingly diverse town in Istria

This beautiful town is located on the east coast of Istria, the northern region of Croatia. Nestled in rolling hills, you can really get that holiday feeling here. Rovinj has a lot to offer every traveler, from a picturesque old town to crystal clear beaches and many leisure activities that can be experienced around the town. The 15,000 inhabitants will welcome you with open arms and their hospitality is hard to beat.

The best attractions of the city

And the region of Istria itself has a lot to offer: as one of the largest exporters of wine and olive oil, there is definitely something for every gourmet. There is also no shortage of exciting places to visit. Today we would like to take you on a trip to Rovinj and introduce you to the town. Away from its larger neighbors Porec and Pula, Rovinj is often forgotten, but hopefully we’ll give you enough reasons to visit this charming town for yourself.

Our TOP 3 Sights in Rovinj

Rovinj has a lot to offer, so it is very difficult to choose just three of the best sights. From the medieval Old Town to various sports activities, both the town and the surrounding area have a lot in store for you. Located about five kilometers south of the Limksi Channel, Rovinj is a rather quiet and peaceful town in an idyllic part of the Istrian coast. A stay here is therefore an opportunity to relax and enjoy the idyllic life of this small town.


  • Top 1 Sight: Church of St. Euphemia: This wonderfully imposing church sits high up in the old town. You can probably see it from afar, as its tall, sandstone-colored steeple with the statue of St. Euphemia stands out like a beacon among the many red roofs of the surrounding area. Inside, the architecture of the church is equally impressive! See an art gallery from a bygone era and admire the ornate columns. The highlight, however, is a visit to the bell tower, which offers a picturesque view of the bay.
  • Top 2 Sight: Rovinj Market Square: If you are already in the Old Town, be sure to take a stroll through the many narrow streets and make a detour to the Market Square. Here you will not only experience the traditional life of Rovinj, but you will also be able to sample many of the local delicacies. From fresh fruit, cheese and fish to wine, you are sure to find what you are looking for at the weekly market. There are also many delicious restaurants and cafes nearby where you can stop for a bite to eat and enjoy the tranquility of the city.
  • Top 3 Sight: Zlatni Rt Forest Park: Sooner or later, you will want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and there is no better place to do so than the adjacent city park, which you will find south along the coast. The many cypress and cedar trees provide plenty of shade for a walk under the Croatian sun. There are also many other recreational activities, from numerous beaches and boat tours to a climbing wall at the western tip of the park. You will also find a beach colonized by visitors with many small stone towers. An unusual photo opportunity!

Insider tip: Rovinj – experience charming Istria up close

In addition to these three attractions, there is much more to see. Rovinj is full of surprises, and it is definitely worth spending a few days in the town and taking in many of these insider tips. Let’s take a quick look at some of these hidden gems!

  • Monkodonja archaeological site: Rovinj is surrounded by many ancient ruins from times long past. Some of them have been turned into open-air museums and can be visited today. Monkodonja is particularly worth a visit and is only six kilometers from the town.
  • Islands off the coast: From the Old Town, you may have noticed a handful of islands out to sea, and you can visit them on some of the boat tours! Here you can find secret beaches and places for snorkeling and diving, but also a lot of untouched Mediterranean nature.
  • Karl Lueger lookout: An old but well-preserved stone tower located along the coast north of Rovinj. The tower is nestled in a lush pine forest and offers a wonderful view of the sea.
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The most beautiful beaches in Rovinj

There is no shortage of beaches in the Rovinj area! There are plenty of beaches for bathers, but also for water sports enthusiasts. The town is especially popular with divers and snorkelers who want to explore the underwater world of the Istrian coast. We don’t want to keep our top beaches from you!

  • Top 1 Beach: Mulini Beach: Definitely the most popular and well-known beach in Rovinj, and also the one with the largest area for sunbeds and beach towels. A beautiful beach area surrounded by a pine forest, which provides plenty of shade. Despite its popularity, the beach is very idyllic and relaxed.
  • Top 2 Beach: Lone Bay: Located on the north side of the forest park, this beach is also frequented by tourists. The rocky cove is surrounded by pine trees that provide plenty of shade. The water is clear and clean, and families are especially welcome at this beach.
  • Top 3 Beach: Zlatni Rt Beach: Located on the southern side of the peninsula, this rocky beach is also perfectly embedded in the Mediterranean nature of the forest park. Watch the passing yachts and let the sun shine on your belly.

Insider tip Rovinj beaches – The most beautiful beaches on the Istrian coast

Of course, we don’t want to keep some of the secret and less visited beaches from you. Here you will have much more space and can really enjoy the sunny weather in Rovinj!

  • Cuvi Beach: A shallow beach area south of town, perfect for families with children. There are also restaurants right next door.
  • Baluota Beach: The so-called “Bay of Solitude” is located on the south side of the old town of Rovinj and is a well-hidden beach area. It is completely secluded due to the steep coastline and offers plenty of peace and crystal clear water.
  • Borik Beach: This beach is also interesting for families, as it offers many leisure activities for the little ones. Surrounded by many cafes for snacks.

Our TOP 3 excursion destinations near Rovinj

Rovinj itself is not the only place where you can experience all sorts of things; the surrounding area and the vast Istria also have a lot of great activities in store for you. Here, too, it is difficult to focus on the best destinations, because there is so much to experience! You and your family will never be bored here.

  • Top 1 Destination: Limski Channel: Rovinj is only a few kilometers away from the Limski Canal, one of the most important waterways in Istria. Along its shores, there are not only beautiful and idyllic pine forests to visit, but also breathtaking observation platforms. The Lim Fjord Panorama Point is one of the highlights and offers an impressive view of the canal. Boat trips, bike rides and hikes are all well worth it!
  • Top 2 Destinations: The city of Pula: Pula is the largest city in Istria and is located just 30 kilometers south of Rovinj. In addition to the famous amphitheater, you can experience history up close! Stroll through the narrow streets and let the city enchant you. A trip to the nearby Brijuni National Park is also a must for all travelers.
  • Top 3 Destinations: The ruined city of Dvigrad: As mentioned in the sightseeing section, Istria and the Rovinj area are full of ancient ruins that tell us a lot about the history of the region. The ruined city of Dvigrad is an absolute highlight, with its overgrown walls and narrow alleyways showing what life was like many centuries ago. History buffs will definitely get their money’s worth. Best of all, it is completely free to visit! So be sure to check it out.

Insider tip Rovinj excursion destinations – the best activities in Istria

Apart from the well-known activities, there are many smaller destinations that we don’t want to keep from you. The choice is wide and you can find what you are looking for anywhere in Istria.


  • Barbariga and its fortresses: If you head south from Rovinj, you will find a number of old ruins of forts and other fortifications in front of the small town of Barbariga. These give an insight into the military history of the region and are an insider tip for anyone interested in history. The largest forts are Fort Forno and Fort Benedetto, but many of the smaller ones are also worth a visit.
  • Visit wineries: Wineries can be found all over Istria, and as a connoisseur you should take the time to visit some of them. South of Rovinj, for example, you will find Stancija Collis, which welcomes tourists for tours and tastings. The famous olive oil and delicious cheese are also available!
  • Vrsar: Although you may be attracted to many of Istria’s large cities, you should not underestimate the small towns along the coast. Just across the Limski Channel is Vrsar, an idyllic settlement and fishing town with a long tradition. Stroll along the beach promenade and sample some of the delicious fish dishes that will land fresh on your plate.

Our conclusion about Rovinj

We think that Rovinj should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Istria. The small town has a lot to offer and is a must for every type of vacationer! History lovers can explore the town center, while beach lovers can visit one of the many idyllic beaches. And you don’t have to travel far for other destinations to experience the full splendor of Istria. Rovinj is therefore the perfect starting point for your trip to the north of Croatia and a clear recommendation from us!

With a fascinating old town, an idyllic forest park and picturesque pebble beaches, Rovinj has something for every traveler. The region around the town is known for its many ruins, but also for its beautiful Mediterranean nature. A dream for every Croatian vacationer!