Island of Hvar Sights Beaches Day Trips

Welcome to the island of Hvar, the jewel of the Adriatic Sea! Located in the south of Croatia, Hvar is a spectacular place to visit. Discover the rich cultural heritage, charming villages and unspoiled nature of this Croatian island. Enjoy relaxing days on beautiful beaches, explore historical sights and experience the vibrant nightlife of Hvar. Plan your time with our wonderful guide to this unique island where sun, culture and relaxation go hand in hand.

Insel Hvar Kroatien

The 5 best Island of Hvar sights

Hvar is a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea, known for its picturesque coastal towns, historical sights and lively atmosphere. The island is one of the Dalmatian islands and is very popular with tourists. The island’s capital, Hvar, has a well-preserved old town with narrow streets, elegant squares and historic buildings. We don’t want to keep these and other of the best sights from you.

Hvar Town: The island’s capital is a picturesque coastal town with narrow streets, Venetian architecture and a lively atmosphere. Visit the impressive Fortica Španjola fortress, which offers a breathtaking view of the town and port.


Pakleni Islands: This archipelago off the coast of Hvar consists of 14 small islands with crystal clear waters and hidden coves. A boat trip to the Pakleni Islands is a must to experience the natural beauty of the region and relax on secluded beaches.


Stari Grad: The oldest town on the island of Hvar, Stari Grad boasts a well-preserved historic center that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stroll through the old streets, visit the Dominican monastery and explore the charming squares and courtyards.


Lavender fields of Hvar: The island is famous for its lavender fields, which are in full bloom during the summer. Be sure to visit the lavender fields near Stari Grad or on the hills around the island to experience the colorful spectacle and beguiling scent. However, you will find them all over the island and you will certainly not be able to escape the scent.


Hvar caves: There are several fascinating caves on the island, including Grapčeva cave, a prehistoric cave with archaeological finds, and Pokrivenik cave, whose crystal clear waters are perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

5 breathtaking Island of Hvar beaches

The island of Hvar in Croatia offers a variety of picturesque beaches with crystal clear waters and beautiful scenery. The beaches on the island of Krk are as diverse as the island itself and offer something for everyone. The beaches offer different experiences, from secluded nature to lively beach bars, and all contribute to the diverse beauty of the island of Hvar.

Dubovica Beach: This picturesque beach is located in a sheltered bay and offers a magnificent view of the sea. Surrounded by vineyards and old stone houses, Dubovica has a charming and relaxed atmosphere. The pebble beach is ideal for swimming and snorkeling.


Pokonji Dol Beach: Located near the town of Hvar, Pokonji Dol is a beautiful pebble beach with clear water and adjacent pine forests. There is also a beach bar serving refreshing drinks, and the location offers a picturesque view of the old town of Hvar.


Stiniva Beach: This beach is surrounded by steep cliffs and offers a breathtaking backdrop. Stiniva can be reached by foot or by boat and offers a secluded atmosphere. The pebble beach and clear water make it an ideal place to relax.


Palmižana Beach: Palmižana is actually an island in the Pakleni archipelago, but it is easily accessible by boat from Hvar. The main beach Vinogradišće is surrounded by lush vegetation and offers a relaxed atmosphere. There are also restaurants and beach bars serving delicious local cuisine.


Mlaska Beach: Of course, we can’t leave out a beach in the east of the island, as there are also some well-hidden coves that invite you to swim and relax. One of the best is Mlaska Beach, a quiet beach with stunning views and a large concrete area to spread out on. This is also a great place to camp.

5 special Island of Hvar day trips

There are many fascinating places around the island of Hvar that are suitable for day trips. Before planning an excursion, it is advisable to check the current ferry and transport connections to ensure that you reach your destination without any problems.

The Pakleni Islands: This group of islands off the coast of Hvar offers a variety of bays and beaches. Hire a boat in Hvar and explore the Pakleni Islands to discover hidden coves, clear waters and picturesque landscapes. Palmižana, the largest island in the archipelago, is famous for its beaches and restaurants.


Lastovo Nature Park: You can take a boat trip to this beautiful island in the bay and visit one of the many great hiking trails. The hilly island is dotted with Mediterranean nature and many ancient ruins that shed light on the island’s history. A visit is a must and a good insider tip.


Brač and the Golden Horn: Take a day trip to the island of Brač, which can be reached by ferry from Hvar. Visit the famous Golden Horn (Zlatni Rat), one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic. The island also offers interesting sights such as the Bol Monastery and the town of Supetar.


Mljet National Park: There is hardly a more beautiful place in Croatia than this national park on the island of the same name. Again, take a boat and explore the park on foot. There’s a new natural spectacle at every turn, and you’re sure to be amazed.


Dubrovnik: Although Dubrovnik is a bit further away, it is definitely worth a visit. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it boasts well-preserved city walls, historic buildings and charming alleyways. The drive from Hvar to Dubrovnik can be a little time-consuming, but the beauty of the city makes it well worth the trip.

Hvar is a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea, known for its picturesque coastal towns, historical sights and lively atmosphere. The island is one of the Dalmatian islands and should be visited. It is a perfect destination in Croatia for city breakers, nature lovers and beach vacationers alike.

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