Hum – what awaits you in the smallest town in the world!

Hum Kroatien die kleinste Stadt der Welt

You probably wouldn’t have guessed it, but in the beautiful region of Istria in northern Croatia you’ll find a real insider’s tip! There you can visit the tiny town of Hum, which calls itself the smallest town in the world. How did it come to be? And what does it look like today? We want to shed some light on this in this short article. We’ll also give you some hot tips for visiting this idyllic town, because it’s definitely worth a visit. Let yourself be transported back to the Middle Ages and meet the incredibly friendly people who call Hum home. It’s a visit you won’t soon forget!

What you need to know about Hum

It is difficult to say when and how this city was founded. However, the first settlements can probably be traced back to the 11th and 12th centuries, when the hill was perfect as a vantage point and a place to build a medieval castle. The outline of the castle can still be seen in the old town. The surrounding fields and forests offer spectacular views, but were also important for the security of the fortress in the past.

However, the town does not really offer much space. For years, the population has fluctuated between 15 and 30 people, but seems to be relatively constant. A little “fun fact” is that the town elects a new mayor every year, who represents the community and is elected by democratic vote.

A closer look at Hum's destinations

Reisen Sie durch die Jahrhunderte in Hum, Kroatien: Von der beeindruckenden Architektur bis zu den malerischen Weinbergen bietet Hum eine reiche Mischung aus Geschichte, Kultur und Natur. Entdecken Sie praktische Tipps für eine unvergessliche Reise in die kleinste Stadt der Welt. Hum Kroatien

Of course, we don’t want to deprive you of the city’s best sights. Despite its small size, there is a lot to see and Hum is unique in every way. You should be able to see all the attractions in one day, so the world’s smallest city is definitely worth a day trip.

  • Church of the Assumption: A very imposing and impressive church for a town as small as Hum. A visit should be on your list.
  • Museum of Hum AurA: Museum with all kinds of little discoveries that will give you a better impression of life in Hum. There is also a distillery next door.
  • City wall and alleyways: Even though Hum is really just two parallel sidewalks, it’s still a wonderful feeling to stroll along the cool cobblestones. The locals will always greet you with joy, but also with respect.
  • Humska Konoba: Hum has some exceptionally tasty cuisine to offer. Be sure to try the fuzi with truffles, taste some of the Istrian wines and enjoy your stay to the fullest!
  • Glagolitic Alley: You should add a detour to these small monuments to your list. They all tell a story of the past.

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How to get to Hum

The smallest town in the world, Hum is located in the northeast of Istria, not far from the Učka Nature Park. The nearest town, Buzet, is only twenty minutes away. From Rijeka it takes about fifty minutes by car and from Pula just under an hour. So nothing stands in the way of a day trip!

But what do you think of this real insider tip in Istria? We think it’s definitely worth a visit to find out more about Croatia’s little treasures. Feel free to share your experiences with Hum in the comments or on Facebook!

With less than thirty inhabitants, Hum in Croatia has been called the smallest town in the world! A visit will take you back to the Middle Ages and to a close-knit community that welcomes every visitor with open arms. Let yourself be transported to the past, but also taste delicious local dishes such as truffles or Istrian wines.