Climb the highest peak in Croatia in Dinara Nature Park

Croatia’s beautiful nature can be admired at every turn, but the highest point in the country is often underestimated. At 1831 meters above sea level, the view of the surrounding countryside is truly breathtaking and will never cease to amaze you. It is also possible to see the neighboring country of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

And best of all, the climb is not that difficult! Active vacationers will definitely get their money’s worth, but nature lovers shouldn’t miss out on this beautiful piece of nature either. From near and far, Dinara is a truly magnificent sight.

Naturpark Dinara

All you need to know about the ascent

The best place to reach the highest point in Croatia is the small village of Knin. From there you can admire Dinara in good weather. The locals affectionately call it “Sinjal”, which means “signal”. You can’t get lost here, the mountain is always in sight.

You will probably notice that the mountain and the nature park are surprisingly barren the first time you see them. But that doesn’t mean the landscape isn’t incredibly impressive. Between scattered bushes and trees, white limestone and slate dominate the picture, standing out among the lush green grass. The nature around Dinara is more unique than anywhere else in Croatia.

Although Dinara is 1831 meters high, the path to the top is manageable even for beginners in good physical condition. The marked trail leads through beautiful landscapes, where you will quickly forget that you are climbing the highest mountain in Croatia. The entire route from Glavaš to the beautiful peak takes about three to four hours. The climb is well worth it, as you will not only have reached the Croatian sky, but you will also be able to capture a unique photo motif for your trip.

Other helpful tips for ascending Dinara mountain

A good pair of hiking boots, a backpack with enough food and protection from the weather are part of your equipment. When the sky is blue and the sun is shining, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat are essential as there is little shade in the barren landscape. Also bring your smartphone or camera to capture the awe-inspiring nature around you.

It’s best to start your hike as early as possible to avoid both the hot sun and other tourists. From May to October you can also experience the most beautiful side of the park when there is no snow and the grass is shimmering green in the sun.

More activities inside the nature park

If a hike to the top is too much for you, visit the Dinara Nature Park. You can also enjoy the exceptionally beautiful scenery and other activities from further down.

  • Hiking: There are 45 different routes throughout the park, each more beautiful than the last. As with the ascent, they are relatively easy and offer wonderful views of nature.
  • Climbing: If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, you can climb one of the many steep walls with full mountaineering equipment.
  • Wildlife watching: You are likely to come across a creature or two along the way. Despite the barren landscape, several species of eagles, goats, hares, wolves, and bears call Dinara Nature Park their home.

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