City Walls of Dubrovnik – Experience history up close

Far to the south of Croatia on the Adriatic Sea lies the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. Nestled in the rolling hills of the region, the city is hardly inferior in beauty to any other Croatian city. Houses line the Mediterranean landscape and offer a wonderful view of the small town. However, Dubrovnik is surrounded on the coast by high walls that have been in place since the 8th century. And that’s what we’re going to take a closer look at!

The city walls of Dubrovnik are one of the best sights in the city and should definitely be on your list when visiting southern Croatia. Centuries of cultural significance are united here, and you can experience it up close. A walk along the walls is an unforgettable experience and offers an astounding view of the city and the surrounding hills.

The Dubrovnik city walls in detail

Die Stadtmauern von Dubrovnik

The walls were not built in one night or one day. Their construction took many centuries until they provided sufficient protection from the sea from the mainland. The long stone wall stretches for about two kilometers along Dubrovnik’s harbor, making it a historical monument not to be missed.


Although the city is now well outside the walls, and they no longer serve any real defensive purpose, they do give the old town of Dubrovnik a wonderful ancient charm. As you walk along the streets or stroll through some alleys, you will always have the majestic wall in view.

How to plan your visit to the city walls

You can access the wall from several points. But don’t worry, you can walk the entire length once and not miss a thing. A walk over the wall gives you a unique view of Dubrovnik’s old town, as the path leads over the terracotta roofs of the many Mediterranean buildings. Sometimes the path is only three meters wide, and the next step leads to an impressive viewing platform overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

A full tour takes about an hour or two, so make sure you take your time! The UNESCO World Heritage Site invites you to take stunning snapshots for your holiday album from every angle. At the highest point, you are a full twenty-five meters above sea level! Whether the view is of the sea or of the city, no one will be bored on a walk.

A little insider tip: It’s best to get there early so you won’t be crowded by other tourists. You’ll also avoid the hot midday sun, as there are no shady spots along the walls.

Things to see along the City Walls of Dubrovnik

Die Kathedrale von Dubrovnik

There are also many historical highlights along the city walls that will enrich your walk. The Ploče Gate and the Pile Gate, with their medieval charm, provide access to the Old Town. At the northernmost point is the Minčeta Fortress, the highest viewpoint and a breathtaking photo opportunity. The Bokar Fortress to the west and the Sveti Ivan Fortress on the southern coast offer a wonderful insight into the former military use of the city walls and their incomparable strength.

Both the walls and the fortresses are in incredible condition despite their age. They hide thousands of years of history, just waiting to be discovered by you. Share your experiences with us in the comments or on Facebook!

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